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PEO DHMS celebrates National Health IT Week
POKANE, WASHINGTON (October 19, 2018) -- The Prohram Executive Office Defence Healthcare Management Systems celebrated National Health IT Week earlier this month. The annual week-long celebration, held October 8-12 this year, offers all healthcare stakeholders an opportunity to unite and raise awareness about the benefit of health IT to health care in the United States.

Spine Surgery Team Adds Capability, Improves Readiness at Nellis Air Force Base
NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev (September 7, 2018) -- The 99th Medical Group based at Mike O’Callaghan Medical Center successfully completed its first set of orthopedic spine surgeries after bringing two specialized surgeons to the unit.

Three Ways to protect your health through preventive care
FALLS CHURCH, VA (August 9, 2018) -- Routine Checkups should be a part of your child’s life from an early age. TRICARE also covers preventive health exams for both women and men. Preventive health is a daily commitment to making smart choices and becoming more proactive about your health. Learn more about your TRICARE preventive health care benefits to help you and your family take command of your health now and for years to come.

Stay covered after age 21 with TRICARE Young Adult
FALLS CHURCH, VA (July 30, 2018) -- If you’re worried about your health care coverage as a military dependent, TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) may give you the coverage you need. TYA eligibility begins when regular TRICARE coverage ends at age 21, or up to age 23 if enrolled in college.

Explaining TRICARE annual cost increases
FALLS CHURCH, VA (May 24, 2018) -- Population growth, aging, and price increases for medical goods and services drive many health care costs in the U.S. In any given year, these price increases are related to rising drug costs, using new medical technology, increasing provider rates or other factors. In response, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which tracks health care costs for the federal government, estimates spending on health care is expected to grow 5.5 percent each year through 2026.

Migration to Defense Health Agency to modernize Army medicine, surgeon general says
FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, MD (April 30, 2018) -- To help modernize the DoD's medical community, the Army's surgeon general, along with the other services, have been taking the necessary steps to migrate certain authorities and control from the military departments to the Defense Health Agency.

How IEDs May be Physically Causing PTSD
BETHESDA, MD (April 1, 2018) -- A new medical discovery has profound implications for wounded warriors. It's a previously unknown type of brain injury uncovered in veterans who are exposed to the invisible wave of energy that erupts from high explosives.

Nightmares Common Among U.S. Troops, But Seldom Reported
FORT BENNING, GA (March 21, 2018) -- Many U.S. military personnel are plagued by nightmares that put them at increased risk for mental health and sleep disorders, but few let doctors know, a new study shows. Read the study at the National Library of Medicine website, or learn more at the news site linked below.

VA Launches Telehealth Program to Treat Rural Veterans With PTSD
WASHINGTON, DC (March 7, 2018) -- The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is launching a nationwide telehealth program to help rural veterans dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The VA says the Telemedicine Outreach for PTSD (TOP) pilot program will connect veterans in rural areas with psychologists and psychiatrists for online treatment.

Future Challenges and Developing Solutions in Battlefield Medical Care
QUANTICO, VA (February 16, 2018) -- In WWII there were more than 291,000 American deaths and more than 671,000 Americans wounded in action. Seventy years later, is the U.S. any better situated to handle this volume of casualties? Although medicine has made significant advances in the management of chronic and debilitating disease processes, traumatic injuries continue to represent a quixotic balance between basic physiology and time.

President Trump Signs Order to Improve Mental Health Care for Transitioning Veterans
WASHINGTON, DC (January 10, 2018) -- Transitioning service members and veterans can now receive up to a year of mental health care from the Veterans Affairs Department after discharge from the service, according to an executive order President Donald J. Trump signed yesterday.

Year in Review: Innovations Aid Warfighters, Families
FALLS CHURCH, VA (December 26, 2017) -- Read a review of some innovations in 2017 that provided continued momentum for the Military Health System’s mission of a medically ready force and ready medical force.

Army Leads the Charge in Medical, Technological, Cyber Innovations in 2017
WASHINGTON, DC (December 21, 2017) -- From advancements in battlefield care, to continued dominance in cybersecurity and a renewed emphasis on modernization, 2017 was a groundbreaking year for Army innovations in the medical, technological, and cyber fields.

Doctors Use Cutting-Edge Research at Navy Hospital
SAN DIEGO, CA (November 30, 2017) -- A Defense Department study on the benefits of surfing for patients with posttraumatic stress, a clinical tracking tool used to manage patient care, and an advanced electroencephalogram and eye tracker. The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center's traumatic brain injury clinic at Naval Medical Center San Diego and the Naval Health Research Center at Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego are developing and using cutting-edge research to better help service members, their family members, and retirees.

Defense Health Agency Symposium Brings Together Minds to Get the Most Out of Research Dollars
FALLS CHURCH, VA (October 17, 2017) -- The DHA-sponsored Return On Investment Symposium, Oct. 11, 2017, brought together Military Health System experts in the medical and acquisition fields with their counterparts from other federal government agencies, academia, and private industry, to discuss how best to get the most out of taxpayer dollars going into care for warfighters.

Special Reaction Team graduates Combat Life Saver Course
OKINAWA, Japan (October 4, 2017) -- Marines with the Provost Marshal’s Office Special Reaction Team (SRT) completed a rigorous Combat Life Saver (CLS) course Oct. 4 aboard Camp Foster. The CLS course educates and trains Marines in basic casualty and combat care, preparing them to provide aide to injured service members in combat situations. Marines learn to provide similar life-sustainment care that a corpsman would administer until the causality can be treated by a medical professional.

WWRP Researchers Use Data to Understand Long-Term Health Outcomes for Combat-injured Amputees
KISSIMMEE, FL (September 8, 2017) -- During the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) Aug. 29, researchers from the Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) shared findings from a recent report that described quality of life outcomes for combat-injured amputees. To better understand the impact on the health and well-being of military personnel, NHRC researchers with the Wounded Warrior Recovery Project (WWRP), a long-term study examining injury effects on wounded service members’ quality of life, conducted an investigation to learn more about the characteristics of this combat-amputee population and examine differences between them and injured service members without amputation.