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Our Team

Michael R. Galarneau, M.S., N.R.E.M.T.
I am Mike Galarneau, Director of Operational Readiness at Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) and the senior principal investigator for the Wounded Warrior Recovery Project (WWRP).

I am a U.S. federal employee and have worked as an NHRC researcher since 1995. My background includes statistics and experimental design, with a Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology. I am also a nationally-, state-, and county-registered emergency medical technician. As the senior principal investigator for WWRP I oversee the scientific and administrative aspects of the project. Since 9/11, more than 52,000 U.S. service members have been injured during deployment, many with severe, life altering conditions. WWRP was established to see just how well our wounded service members are doing over the long haul, with the objective being to identify those therapies, rehabilitation programs, services, and support systems that actually make the biggest impact on ultimate quality of life.

I have received two patents for my work at Naval Health Research Center (U.S. Patent No. 5,995,077, 1999 and U.S. Patent No. 7,707,042, 2010) and am the recipient of the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award.

Jessica R. Watrous, Ph.D.
I am a clinical health psychologist and the co-principal investigator for WWRP.

I received my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Memphis, and completed my clinical internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the VA San Diego Healthcare System and University of California, San Diego. My research and clinical work has primarily focused on assessing and helping people change health behaviors like substance use, physical activity, and healthful eating to improve quality of life as well as mental and physical health.

Much of my career has been dedicated to working with military personnel and veterans with the aim of understanding their unique circumstances and supporting them in living their best lives. In addition to a deep sense of responsibility to our nation's military and veterans, many of my family members and close friends have served, making my work of personal interest as well.

Cameron T. McCabe, Ph.D.
I am a research psychologist, and I've been a member of the WWRP team since early 2016. Before joining WWRP, I received my Ph.D. in applied psychology from Portland State University.

My research broadly focuses on health, well-being, and interpersonal relationships, and how understanding these issues can help improve our service members' lives and experience. As a researcher, I'm a firm believer that the work we do should be applicable to, and benefit, those who volunteer to take part in this process. As we continue to work together, we hope to improve policies and practices which directly impact you, the warfighter.

Gretchen M. Jones
I’m a project manager and clinical research associate, and I joined the WWRP team in 2018.

I studied psychology and biology at California State University, Northridge. Much of the work I have done has been in research with people following a traumatic injury. Prior to joining the WWRP team, I was working at Naval Medical Center San Diego researching outcomes following mild traumatic brain injuries, as well as recovery following amputation. Previously, while working at the University of California San Diego, I did research involving children with prenatal alcohol exposure.

I enjoy doing work that can directly help others, whether it be immediately or further down the road. I keep day-to-day operations running successfully, so that our team can focus on research aimed at helping wounded service members.

Jocelyn V. Sazon, MSN, RN
I am a clinical nurse analyst, and I joined the WWRP team in 2018.

A native of New Jersey, I graduated with an Economics degree from Rutgers University. I relocated to San Diego as a USMC spouse during OIF and OEF. Soon after, I entered the field of nursing and for the next decade, I was dedicated to caring for patients in the critical care setting of a Level II trauma center. During the course of my career journey, I developed a deep understanding of the physical, cognitive, emotional, and interpersonal effects of injury and illness on individuals and their loved ones. My graduate degree from Grand Canyon University placed an emphasis on healthcare informatics, highlighting the invaluable contribution of data driven insights to the advancement of health outcomes.

My nursing philosophy and personal experience with the military are well aligned with the mission of WWRP to assist our wounded warriors and their families facing the complex challenges of their experiences. I hope to make a positive impact, inspire hope, and touch the lives of our service members through this unique opportunity.

Alexandra V. Spruth
I'm a research administrator and I joined the WWRP team in late 2016. I specialize in business administration and customer service.

Prior to joining the team, I worked as a tutor at Grossmont Community College District to assist students and promote their educational success. I enjoy helping others and have made it my goal to provide the best customer service that I can. As part of my job, I appreciate getting the chance to hear from participants—whether over the phone or via email—as it gives me a chance to hear feedback and get to know some of our participants and potential volunteers.